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Command Upgrade CRM

The emphasis of this course is to prepare the candidate for the important transition from First Officer to Captain. 






Command Upgrade Syllabus

The course is fully compliant with regulator content and covers all of the CRM core competencies. It is delivered in a style that encourages a higher level of self-awareness and reflection from the candidate in order to promote continued personal development. The candidate will be provided the tools and techniques to develop their command competencies themselves in order to become and maintain effective leadership and command skills. This Crew Resource Management training is designed with the specific needs of the client in mind. 

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  • Human factors
  • Human error
  • Threat and error management
  • Information acquisition
  • Situational awareness
  • Decision making
  • Surprise and startle
  • Resilience
  • Monitoring and intervention
  • Communication

  • Personality
  • Leadership
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Automation
  • Workload management
  • Stress
  • Fatigue, sleep and vigilance
  • Culture
  • Command upgrade summary





“Having contracted Jonny’s services to support both airline CRM and instructor training, he has been a key figure in the development of the airline, its culture, and its people. His professionalism and diligence are notable, taking the time needed to understand the organisation and its requirements; appropriately adjusting training materials to best suit the airline (customers’) needs.

His hugely diverse skill set, and outstanding professional energy create an engaging learning environment. His passion for training is obvious, truly focused on the learner. Able to draw on his many years of training experience Jonny adds huge value to any training setting. I have observed many colleagues in admiration of Jonny’s skills and whilst a consultant within our organisation, he has undoubtedly become one of the team. I would recommend his services to anyone.”



“If you're seeking a trainer with a diverse skill set, boundless energy, and the ability to engage and elevate every participant, you've found your ideal candidate in Jonny. His passion for training, combined with his dedication to excellence, will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on your organisation. I wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone.”



 “An instructor who combines his natural talent, with a true passion for training, all underpinned by a wealth of training and industry experience. Jonny is one of the most professional and engaging trainers I have come across during 25 years in the airline training industry. Able to bring the best out of all trainees. He is a credit to the aviation industry and an asset to any person or organisation that is fortunate enough to be trained by him.”



“Jonny is a true role model within the training industry, not only able to get the best out of every learner, his supportive and engaging manner also make him a great tutor. Jonny has helped my organisation develop new trainers, each one now professionally skilled but importantly motivated following the guidance and support given by Jonny. Importantly Jonny sets very high standards and is confidently able to create and apply unique and exciting ideas to make the learning environment ‘fun’ (enjoyable for all).”