Here at Imagine the Sky, we put you and your delegates at the centre of what we do. Our Crew Resource Management courses are tailored to your requirements, maintaining relevancy depending on the anticipated professional environment of the students. Whether they are involved in aviation, or any other safety critical role, get in touch for a course consultation.


Recruitment Consultation

Understanding the importance of recruiting the right candidates for your organisation we can assist in your recruitment process utilising our expertise in core competency behaviour...  more  

Professional Coaching

We run coaching sessions to help people in the aviation industry achieve their career and life goals and find contentment.  more  

Teaching and learning TRI part 1

This is the first part of a candidate’s journey towards becoming a Type Rating Instructor. It gives practical insights into delivering presentations, briefing/de-briefings as well ...  more  

Line Training Captain CRM

This delivers a further insight into the CRM competencies and principles required to deliver effective training.   more  

CRMT Assessments

As a CRM Trainer you are required to have a 3-yearly assessment, we can come to you can provide the assessment in your own company facility.   more  

CRMT training refresher

This course fulfils the regulatory 3 yearly requirement to enable candidates to deliver current and relevant CRM training to their delegates.   more  

CRMT Trainers Workshop

This prepares candidates for training CRM courses and explains how to deliver case studies, presentations, and experiential learning exercises.   more  

Command upgrade CRM courses

This course is to prepare the candidate for the important transition from First Officer to Captain, and encourage higher levels of self-awareness.   more  

Crew Resource Management courses

Covering all mandatory items in accordance with CAA Standards Doc.29 and EASA Air Ops.   more