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Crew Resource Management courses

CRM training is a mandatory requirement for commercial pilots and flight attendants, and more than this, it is vital for aviation safety. We help you develop and hone your skills and develop your core competencies. All of our training courses focusses on your development as an aviation professional and not just ‘ticking the box.' Complying fully to regulatory frameworks, we aim to enhance your performance and develop your abilities. Our Crew Resource Management courses are designed to reduce human error and enhance teamwork in safety critical professions.

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What We Offer

Here at Imagine the Sky, we put you and your delegates at the centre of what we do. Our Crew Resource Management courses are tailored to your requirements, maintaining relevancy depending on the anticipated professional environment of the students. Whether they are involved in aviation, or any other safety critical role, get in touch for a course consultation.

As well as delivering and facilitating your existing CRM training material, we also create bespoke Crew Resource Management courses and training material, enabling your staff to have a relevant and current preparation for their role.


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Initial & Recurrent Crew Resource Management courses

Covering all mandatory items in accordance with CAA Standards Doc.29 and EASA Air Ops.

CRM Courses

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Crew Resource Management Consultancy

We can assist with development and ongoing delivery of your company CRM syllabus ensuring that your candidates receive the very best CRM training.

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Command Upgrade courses

This course is to prepare the candidate for the important transition from First Officer to Captain, and encourage higher levels of self-awareness.


Command Upgrades



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CRMT Trainers' Workshop

This prepares candidates for training CRM courses and explains how to deliver case studies, presentations, and experiential learning exercises.


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CRMT Training Refresher

This course fulfils the regulatory 3 yearly requirement to enable candidates to deliver current and relevant CRM training to their delegates.

Training Refresher

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CRMT Assessments

As a CRM Trainer you are required to have a 3-yearly assessment, we can come to you can provide the assessment in your own company facility.




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Line Training Captain CRM

This delivers a further insight into the CRM competencies and principles required to deliver effective training.


Line Training

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Teaching and Learning TRI Part 1

This is the first part of a candidate's journey towards becoming a Type Rating Instructor. It gives practical insights into delivering presentations, briefing/de-briefings as well as a close look at facilitation & instructional techniques required to deliver effective training. 

TRI Training

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Professional Coaching

We run coaching sessions to help people in the aviation industry achieve their career and life goals and find contentment.





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Recruitment Consultation

Understanding the importance of recruiting the right candidates for your organisation we can assist in your recruitment process utilising our expertise in core competency behaviours.




Where applicable all of our Crew Resource Management training courses meet CAA regulations Standards Doc.29 and EASA Air Ops.








This has to be one of the best courses I have been on. Jonny is extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about this subject, this made it most enjoyable. Throughout I felt relaxed and in a safe space to express myself.

AW CRMT Workshop Student









 Frequently asked questions…

Where are the courses held?

All of our course are bespoke and so we can either come to your offices or venue that is suitable and convenient for you.

What is the minimum and maximum number of candidates for each course?

That really does depend on each individual course. We can facilitate one on one sessions and our maximum suggested course number is 20 people. The minimum number for the CRMT course is 4 people.

Are your training courses regulated?

All of our courses adhere and align themselves to CAA, EASA & ICAO regulations.

What level of knowledge do I need before attending the course?

Again, that does depend on the course that you choose, for example with the CRMT course, a knowledge of basic CRM principles is required. For our command upgrade and LTC courses a candidate would be expected to have been exposed to previous Crew Resource Management training.

What makes you different from other training companies?

Great question! We pride ourselves with a highly personal and tailored approach to CRM training and mentoring. We value developing an on-going relationship with you and want to be part of your future development and growth. Most of all, we really listen, understand your needs and care about your success. Safety is at the heart of everything we do.