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Our Founder 

As a young boy, Jonny dreamt of being a pilot. School days were predominantly spent day dreaming and looking out of the window, a skill he mastered as a professional pilot! His journey like so many has been full of twists and turns and he cites these challenges as serving to develop a greater resilience and appreciation for flying, training and the industry that he loves. The company name and the brand identity are inspired by those early years looking skyward and dreaming.

Jonny is a highly experienced training captain and CRMT/E having worked in many different areas of the aviation industry.  He started his flying training at Cranfield, UK, enrolling on a fully integrated course. Within two years he had landed his first commercial flying job at Luton operating the BAe 146. Three years later and already with 2 redundancies under his belt Jonny joined a UK based charter carrier flyght the Boeing 756/767, the aircraft on which he instructs today. His career has taken him around the world culminating with four and half years flying VIP around the world tours for Four Seasons Hotels and other clients. With 27 years of experience in both commercial and corporate aviation he is able to deliver training with realistic and authentic approach with a true appreciation of how to implement CRM training principles into everyday practice.

He is committed to help teams and companies achieve the very highest levels of safety, but also is passionate about helping individuals achieve their true potential and porpose. With a combination of deep rigour and a highly empathic style Jonny has a completely fresh and personal approach to Crew Resource Management training and development. 










Our Values

Imagine the Sky is a company passionate about aviation, safety and open communication. Learning from the past and developing behavioural skills for the future CRM training forms as integral part to flight crew training. Most of these marketers are fully transferable and are intrinsic with proficiency in a range of other safety critical roles. with our courses your delegates ability to increase awareness of threats that surrounds them and provide mitigations to enhance reduction f human and system error will contribute to enhance levels of safety.

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Jonny is nothing short of a training virtuoso, and I say this with over 25 years of experience in the aviation training industry. His approach to training is not just effective; it's a masterclass in engagement and passion. Jonny's ability to bring out the best in every participant is truly exceptional. His passion for training is evident in everything he does.

With a rich tapestry of training and industry experience, Jonny is a consummate professional and one of the most engaging trainers I've ever encountered. His impact on trainees is profound; he has the unique ability to elevate everyone's performance.

What sets Jonny apart is his unwavering commitment to making training enjoyable, relevant, and, most importantly, effective. He combines his natural talent with a genuine enthusiasm for the training process. Jonny sets the bar high and consistently surpasses it, injecting excitement, and innovation into the learning environment.

Jonny isn't just an instructor; he's a role model in the training industry. His supportive and engaging manner transforms learners into motivated, skilled professionals. Under his guidance, my organisation has nurtured a team of proficient trainers who not only excel but are also inspired by Jonny's mentorship.

If you're seeking a trainer with a diverse skill set, boundless energy, and the ability to engage and elevate every participant, you've found your ideal candidate in Jonny. His passion for training, combined with his dedication to excellence, will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on your organisation.

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